Raynes Park


What’s the difference between Podiatrists and Chiropodists?

Podiatry is the modern word for chiropody, so podiatrists are modern day chiropodists.

Podistrists assess, diagnose and treat a variety of foot and lower leg conditions. These range from those that can be seen, such as corns, callous and ingrowing toe nails to problems deep within the foot such as plantar fasciitis, ‘dropped arches’ and heel pain.

Treatments range from the removal of corns and callous, the surgical treatment for ingrowing toe nails, to custom made orthotics following a biomechemical assessment.

Feet are complicated structures, made up of 26 bones and over 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles. They work in conjunction with each other and with the muscles in the leg.

Foot problems not only cause pain in the foot but can cause knee and lower back pain.

Over the coming months our blog will give more information about problems that affect your feet; how we can help you mange them and advice for you to use at home.