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Podiatry Services

When you arrive in our clinic we will go through your medical history and medication in order to build a deeper understanding of your health and potential risks.

Patients with higher risk conditions affecting their feet, such as diabetes, poor circulation, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis will be carefully assessed and treated to reduce the threat of infections.

Arch, Heel and forefoot pain: We can provide a biomechanical gait examination with an optional pressure plate analysis to provide accurate orthotic/insole prescriptions to improve gait and foot function. We provide cost effective temporary and semi-bespoke devices as well as casted, bespoked devices.

Verruca’s are an infectious condition (Human Papilloma Virus) of the skin and come in several forms. Mostly seen in children and active adults who use communal change room facilities, they can be difficult to remove. In our experience, verrucae can disappear spontaneously within two years, but we come across patients who find they are lasting years longer, spreading and simply painful. We also see corns and verrucae mistaken for each other and incorrectly treated. There is no guaranteed treatment to remove verrucae, which can make them difficult to treat, especially if they become larger or form clusters. Generally speaking if you want treatment they are best dealt with when the lesion is first noticed.

Thickened or infected nails? Too difficult to cut, unable to reach or poor eyesight preventing you trimming your nails? We are here to help with the right tools, including a vacuum assisted drill for the really tough ones (warning it might tickle!)

We are happy to provide general foot maintenance if required.


No referral necessary, simply phone for an appointment.

Home Visits Available

Podiatry Treatments include

Some of the more common foot problems that can be treated by Raynes Park Podiatry:

  • Diabetic feet and other high risk foot care
  • Chiropody treatments, Corns and callouses, ingrown nails
  • Verrucae including cryotherapy (freezing) and needling
  • Arthritic foot conditions
  • Corrective nail surgery and fungal infections
  • Local anaesthetics available for pain relief during treatment
  • Arch Pain / Plantar Fasciitis, Heel pain
  • Sports Injuries, Biomechanics and gait analysis
  • Children’s foot care
  • Bespoke and semi-bespoke orthotics and insoles

Two feet superposition

Two feet dynamic

Pressure plate analysis of gait © Podotech